Encounter of SDC2019-0136

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Description: La Jolla Cove
Help Location ID: La Jolla Cove
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Water depth: 7.0 meters

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Identified as: SDC2019-0136

Matched by:Unmatched first encounter


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Alternate ID: SDC-0136

 Occurrence ID: None assigned.

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Tiffany Poon

Tiffany Poon


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2019-04-03 10:37
Verbatim Event Date: None

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Observation Attributes

Taxonomy:Notorynchus cepedianus 

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Status: alive

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Sex: female

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Noticeable scarring: 

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Behavior:  Separate from the mass of males but of a similar size, she swam alone through the shallower part of the kelp forest.

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Life stage:  sub-adult

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